Apple’s iSO 6 for iPhone and iPad

On August 2, 2012, in Blog, by John Welby

What to expect in Apple’s iSO 6 for iPhone and iPad

Apple has further enhanced the natural, organic feeling of almost every aspect of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iSO 6. Full Facebook integration and a more fluid Siri make sharing anything you want even easier, just ask Siri to do it for you. Siri has also been updated with more languages and furthered functionality, just ask her about it. Siri can also share photos on any one of your given streams, so the pictures you want, get shared with the people you want.

The new addition, Passbook, allows you to turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into your boarding pass, concert tickets, gift card, or coupon. Passbook stores all of the relevant information for you and when its time to board, pay, or save, just swipe your device instead of a ticket, gift card, or coupon. This feature is also location based so if you go to a coffee shop you have a gift card for, it will pop up as an option. One gets the impression that the next step will be assimilating credit and debit cards into your iPhone. Your iPhone will unclutter your life and ensure you don’t lose your valuable documents or discounts . Passbook also updates you and keeps you aware of changing terminals, gift card balances, and the expiration dates of coupons.The new iPhone iSO 6 platform also changes the way you communicate with the world around you. Facetime now works over cellular networks and if you are calling someone who also has an Apple device, you can use your phone number. Talk face to face with all of your friends. Apple has also updated their phone system, allowing users to select from different options when they receive a call. There is also a do-not-disturb setting so you won’t be bothered unless someone on your VIP list calls. Safari now saves entire web-pages rather than just links. Read saved webpages with no internet access or use it as a quick reference for anything you want. The email system has also been redesigned with a new interface for a cleaner and easier reading and writing experience.


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