iPhone 4s Vs the iPhone 5

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New smartphone releases always surprise consumers. With Apple, there was such a short gap between the iPhone 4 and the 4S. It was almost as if people did not have as much time to anticipate it. Millions of people purchased one, but it paled in comparison to the massive sellouts for the iPhone 5.

Better Camera

Every user that decides to upgrade their phone always wants to know about the camera resolution. The iPhone 5 has the power of 1080 HD video and this alone is an attention grabber for people that were considering an upgrade. Lots of time people don’t see a need to upgrade from one generation to the next. The differences are so small that people don’t really notice a change. The iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 battle is definitely won by the iPhone 5 in this area. The HD video capture is like a day and night contrast to all previous iPhone generations of phones.

Screen Size

The bigger screen on the newer phone also allows people to edit their pictures or movies better. Lots of loyal fans have been desiring a larger screen and Apple’s latest has provided a slightly larger viewing area. The dimensions make it much more pleasurable to view wide screen movies or homemade videos.

Siri Cleanup

The concept of Siri was a great way to stir up business for a new iPhone. The problem, however, is that this feature did not work as well as many people intended it to. With the iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 war there was an upgrade to Siri.

This feature recognizes a lot more languages. It also has more locations and local hot spots to provide for user inquiries. This has made this application much more practical to use.

Faster Speeds

When new products surface people want to know how fast it is. They want to know if the processor will allow them to do more things quicker. The answer is yes. The new phone is a little faster. The load time for start up is faster and the apps are opening up faster.


The iPhone models continue to get thinner as the iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 battle heats up. People that have purchased a new phone will also need a new case. The old one will not fit. The battery charger will not fit either. The slim design requires a new charger.


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